Saturday, May 14, 2005

Armoire', Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
We took a little walk this morning to see the estate sale down the street and came home with a new armoire!! I love armoires and I particularly like one with clean lines and just a bit of detail...just enough to add interest but not take away from the clean lines. This one fits the bill perfectly! We've been looking for an armoire for our bedroom, but this one is too large. Still, I love it so much, we brought it home and filled it with my scrapbooking supplies. Bonus!

Of course, in order to put the thing in my office, we have to shift other things around. Consequently, my desk is piled two feet high with stuff I must sort. Also, my printer is now displaced. I don't really want it on my desk (there is no room!), but I don't see an alternative as of yet.

In other news, I've been searching through the genealogy file my mom gave me and am inspired to get it all in my spare time. I discovered that my great grandfather's sister married his wife's (my great grandmother's) brother. Seems like I would have heard that one before. Geneaology is so fascinating. I think it will be one of my hobbies if I live to retirement. For now, I encourage all of you to learn what you can about your living relatives and keep it together somewhere for safe-keeping. Save birth announcements, wedding invitations and obituaries. I'm going to scan mine and put them on a disk then put the originals in my safe deposit box. One of James' relatives made an amazing book about his family history complete with photographs and everything. What a wonderful heirloom he created! (Unfortunately, I suspect our Japanese family tree will remain a mystery until one of us learns Japanese!)

Well, did I digress or what?


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