Friday, May 27, 2005

Incredible (and incredibly loud)
Today was the last day of kindergarten for little Colin, so we took him and his best buddy to Incredible Pizza for lunch. It was actually very nice. They had a pizza, pasta, salad, potato, and soup, cookie, cinnamon roll and ice cream buffet and 4 dining rooms from which to choose. We tried one for lunch, one for dessert and another for a cola before we left. My favorite was the Starlight, which is reminiscent of an old drive-in theatre. They were showing The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, which had us all laughing. (In fact, the boys were content to stay there to watch the movie!)

After lunch we played a few games of mini bowling and then watched the go-cart races. Colin and Graham rode the bumper cars while Spencer and I played a race car video game. If we had more time and could take the noise we could have played more video games, miniature golf and basketball (shoot-the-hoops game).

The only gripe I have about the place is the noise, and I am especially sensitive to noise, so take that with a grain of salt. The place was clean, well attended and filled with entertainment. The food, though not gourmet, was certainly good for the price (actually, the oatmeal cookies were great) and it was fairly easy to move about. It was very busy for a Friday lunch, so I imagine the weekends must be really crazy. I would go there once a week for the promise that I would never ever have to set foot in Chucky Cheese again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knew that I'd learn about a lunch spot from your Blog?!! (Especially since I didn't even know what a blog was this time last year) Thanks for the tip my friend -- we'll be stopping at this joint in Springfield when we make our trip to Oklahoma later this summer! -- meg

8:58 PM, May 27, 2005  

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