Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Its a Work-a-day World
I discovered last night that Colin was not the only culprit in the great bathroom caper. It didn't take a lot of detective work. I simply heard Spencer say, "So, you had to work today because we brewk the bathroom?"

"We?" To Colin's credit, he never even attempted to rat out his brother. Spencer did it all on his own. So, now they are both committed to an hour's work per day at a rate of $5.00 per hour. They are each expected to earn a total of $100.

Spencer's job this afternoon was to rake a portion of the yard to clean up the pollen-tassle debris from the pecan tree. I showed him how to start at one side of the yard, drag the rake to the other side and empty the rake. He took off in a Family Circus-esque maneuver and made some squiggly lines around the yard. Then came the attempt to release the tassles from the rake without actually touching them. He finally settled on the hit-the-rake-against-the-fence method, which worked but required a great amount of energy. After completing that first crazy drag around the yard, there was much hoo-ing and a great dramatic piece about the necessity for rest and a cool drink.

With a great deal of coaching from me mixed in with praise for a job well-done, he completed two solid rows of de-tassling including the bagging up of the tassles and the putting away of the rake. He looked at himself and said, "Woo! That made me....PINK!" He repeated "Woo" several times on his way in for his much deserved rest. It was just so much work!

I suppose we've entered a new era with our boys: the training for perserverance and hard work. I'll promise you this, my boys WILL be good workers, even if I have to spend the entire summer on the sidelines coaching them along.


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