Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We had the privilege of sharing our backyard with this baby bluejay this Spring. He fell out of his nest before he could fly, so he spent several weeks hopping around our backyard. His parents watched him ever so closely from up above, occassionally bringing him a snack. He allowed me to get very close to him and we had a few conversations about gardening and the fine selection of large worms to be found in our dirt. I asked him to come back when he was older to feast on our mosquitos. The last day I saw him he had flown up to a chair on our back porch. I sat down nearby to watch him. He started to take off several times, losing his nerve each time. But, he was determined. He narrowed his eyes and flew all the way to the trash can! His proud mother flew down and gave him a worm. He tried to fly up to the tree, but he didn't make it and landed on the fence instead. The next day we saw three little bluejays and two big blue jays in the fig tree. They were all together again. I hope they are flying around happily this week.
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