Thursday, May 05, 2005

Planetary Distinctions
My husband used to be a professor at Creighton University. He has tales to tell of his lowly status as one of about two conservative professors on campus. In short, he was not popular with the other professors. Never have I seen the experience so cleverly described as here, where a graduate student categorizes the flora and fauna of her campus at Cornell University. Here's a little sample:
Genus: Studentum

The Common Sandal-Footed Warbler (a.k.a. the College Know-It-All Hippie). Thriving on a diet of granola, cannabis and beer, this species tends to migrate to Europe for a semester and come back convinced they're smarter than everyone else. Males often boast an unkempt mane, a flabby physique and incoherent chatter about social paradigms. Some resort to comically futile "direct actions," as if going limp while being hauled off by muscular cops is a shrewd strategy for either attracting a mate or effecting social change. Provocatively weak; point and laugh.
h/t Dustbury


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