Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The VBS Saga

Our VBS began last night and it was a success. It has, however, been a bit crazy.

All my flowers....ALL of them....fell off the wall yesterday. I knew they had fallen because I stopped by the church in the morning to pick up something and noticed they were all on the floor. I thought it was not a big problem...I would go get some staples for my staple gun and firmly re-attach them an hour before VBS began. I went to the store and got 1/4" staples like the staple gun box said, but when I arrived at the church they were too small for my staple gun. I ran through the halls of the church searching for a box of staples. Person after person told me they had already taken everything home. Of course they had. So had I!! I finally found one staple gun with a few staples left and ran back to my room. Staple. Staple. Staple.

Down went the flowers!


I found my glue gun and started glueing like crazy. Once I convinced a fellow to find me an extension cord, we were good to go and got the last flower up with 15 minutes to spare. Meanwhile, my children were running around like crazy monkeys which, in itself, caused me to work up quite a sweat!

I gathered up my little monkeys and told them it was time to check in. On the way to registration, I had to drop off something and told my boys to wait in the hall for me. When I came back out they were gone. GONE!

Now I'm a crazy, sweaty woman running the halls looking for her errant children, who deserve to be hung by their toes and tickled to death. They are nowhere to be found. I finally made it to the lobby and found my friend with her hands on their heads. She looked a little frazzled herself. She had found them under a pew in the auditorium and, thankfully, took control. Frankly, I was thinking about taking up drinking.

The rest of the evening went well. James is in a skit about the prodigal son. He is a true ham when he gets on stage, and he had me laughing through the entire thing. Another parent in the room said, "Who did you marry?" Good question. I ask that every day.

All the way home they boys complained that we were planning to attend ANOTHER VBS in the morning. They did not want to go. I don't quite understand since they love this VBS and rave about it every year. Besides, I need some time alone, so they NEED to go! But, alas, they were still asleep when the other VBS began this morning, so I decided it wasn't worth the struggle to take them.

Spencer awakened and said, "Let's go to VBS!"


We threw their clothes on and jumped in the car for a fast-paced ride to VBS. When we got there we jumped out, ran in and got the nametags. The children hadn't gone to their classes yet, so we really weren't too late, but as soon as we got to the class, Spencer decided he was NOT GOING TO VBS. The tears came. Did you think I meant Spencer was crying? Well, okay, he was. But so was I. My children are officially spoiled.

An hour into VBS I finally had both children settled into their classes. When it was all over Spencer was happy as a lark and looking forward to tomorrow. Colin announced, "I am NOT coming back here."

Should I start with scotch or whiskey?


Blogger Beemer said...

Gin would be a good MID-week drink!! LOL

3:45 PM, June 21, 2005  

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