Monday, July 25, 2005

I've always enjoyed studying images in magazines to see how the photographer created his vision. If you take a photo of a room in your house, you'll notice that it rarely looks as perfectly arranged as the real thing. Professional photographers don't photograph a room as it really is...they move things around to get the important details in frame. If you look at a spread from one room showing different angles, you'll see what I mean. I've seen spreads on houses that have the same vase in every room. Sometimes the vase moves from one side of the room to another. Books and chairs change angles, the mantles are rearranged and even the view through the window may change. It is fascinating. Here is one such example (and something I've never found before). The two shots above were taken of the same area. This is a Pottery Barn catalog and one photo is selling the framed bulletin board while the other is part of a larger view of an entire Pottery Barn room, featuring the framed chalk board. You'll notice by comparing the candlestick and pitcher that both are hung from the same height...but one is in front of the sink apparatus and in the other the apparatus is missing!!! I LOVE that. I had never considered that the kitchen was not, in any way, real. The apparatus was simply sitting on top of the cabinet for one photo and for the other the photographer simply said, "Let's move that out of the way."


Anonymous Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

I bet you're a real pain in the backside at the movies.
(Look, they're supposed to bein DC but he's calling from a Pacific Bell payphone)

4:43 PM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger Jan said...

naaah. I don't say anything. I DO think it, though.

4:54 PM, July 25, 2005  

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