Tuesday, July 19, 2005

If It Please the Court
The most fascinating thing just happened here in Strangeville. I was summoned to court in the back yard. Colin came in and told me to come outside so he could figure out THE TRUTH. I followed him out and he directed me to stand behind one of two chairs, which were placed side by side. Spencer was placed behind the other chair. Colin had turned his small trampoline into a desk, which had several papers, a pencil and some stickers placed neatly on top. He stood behind the desk and addressed the accused:

"Now, Mommy...what did you say about the pages in Spencer's scrapbook?" (Spencer has a book with clear pocket pages for storing his card collection)

"Well, I said that we had run out of pages and we should go to the office supply and get some more."

"Okay. Write that down on this page and then give it back to me." He brought me paper and a pencil, returned behind his desk and waited. I scribbled, "Out of pages, let's buy more."

"Okay, Spencer. . . what did you say?"

"I dint say anything."

"No, what did you say about Mommy lying? Did you say that she was a liar and that SHE used them all and that she is a mean mommy?" (leading the witness)


"Okay, Mommy, write that down." ("Mommy took them all")

"Okay. Now."

"Well, it is true that I took them all. That's why we ran out and that's why I suggested we go to the store. If we didn't need more, I wouldn't have suggested we buy more because I don't want to waste money."

"Okay, write that down." ("I used em up, let's go to store")

"Okay. Now. I think I might be able to prove that you are BOTH right. Let me see." Colin pulls out another paper and writes an "S" with 9 marks and an "M" with 9 marks. "Okay. So far, you both have 9 votes, which means it is tied." He marks another mark next to Spencer. "Now, if Spencer has 10 marks and you have 9 that is not good, because that means one of you lied. And Spencer, you lie more than Mommy does." He marks a mark next to my name. "But, now you both have 10 marks, and that means I proved that you are both right. So its a tie. Isn't that wonderful?"

"Can we go to the store now?" said Spencer.


Blogger babyivanov said...

Oh my goodness, what a funny story... that Colin is a ham! I am looking forward to the day when I have such shenanigans from Luka and Jonah to report.

5:05 PM, July 19, 2005  
Blogger violet said...

This is wonderful!

8:07 PM, July 19, 2005  

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