Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy
I've made an effort to reduce activities for the summer after VBS. The school year was so busy, I thought it best to spend most of our days at home. That's what summer is for: taking it easy...taking a chance on boredom. Thankfully, boredom has not found its way to our house yet. Colin told me he was bored once, and I told him boredom is not allowed in our family. He seemed to believe me and hasn't been bored since.

This is a fine morning. The sunlight dapples through the fig tree to my desk, illuminating our orange tabby, who is reclining next to the window where he can nap with a full view of the sparrows, blue jays and cardinals who come to rest on the branches just inches away. From here, I have a fine view of two little boys, one chasing butterflies with a net and the other flying his little airplane up and down and all around. From time to time they stop to swing and chat, framed by the big pecan tree and vibrant pink crape myrtle. Over the whir of the computer fan I can still here the morning doves, sparrows and the chime with the dragonflies Colin made in kindergarten. The cicadas are warming up for this afternoon's full-fledged symphony.



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