Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Grandfather's basketball team (A.J. Kent Highschool, Kentland, Indiana). He is number 70. James finds this photo fascinating because all the players have the number 7 on their jerseys. He said until recently, as far as he knew, no number higher than 5 was allowed on a shirt because the refs use one hand to indicate the first number and the other hand to indicate the second number. Me? I just wonder what the deal is about the number seven. Any ideas? (p.s. aren't those shorts kinda tight for 1938? And it appears number 57 had a wardrobe malfunction)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The uniforms were much the same in my day. They didn't get baggy until
much later. I'm more curious about the leg gear. Never noticed it before.
I think #57 (with the malfunctioning uniform) might be dad's best friend
Eugene Smith.

Just a note, the cheerleaders even in my day, were required to wear longer
skirts, knee length. (note pictures in my school annuals) The rules were
different for boys and girls. In my school days, girls were not allowed to
wear slacks to school, and blue jeans were not permitted for boys or

3:54 PM, July 21, 2005  

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