Sunday, August 21, 2005


Charles, by way of Michelle (I can't see Michelle's site because my internet protector says it contains pornography (?)), inpires this MeMe about idiosycrasies. Here we go:

1) I must brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. No talking, just straight to the toothbrush.

2) When I first move into a place, the most important room to complete first is always the bathroom.

3) I think it is wrong to depict things of nature in ways that don't occur in nature. For instance, my bedroom wallpaper border has blue tulips. It is just wrong and it annoys me. (Still, I haven't found the time to change it out.)

4) I can't think if it is loud. I also have trouble seeing if it is loud. Is that an idiosyncracy or just a medical condition? Or a mental condition?

5) I am quite sure a soft drink does not taste good unless the cup is at least half full of ice and the drink goes to the top of the cup. Anything less, and I won't drink it.

6) I stop at a light even with the cars beside me. If they stop even with me, I'll move. I do this because I've had many dreams of people pulling up next to me and shooting me dead.

How about you?


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