Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Right On Target
The boys and I made a quick trip to Target this morning for toothbrushes and snacks and such. The parking lot was full, but the store was quite and peaceful. Every third worker I saw asked if he could help me locate anything. I did ask one gentlemen if he knew where to find Claude's brisket marinade, and he said, "Hold on." Seconds later he returned from three rows over with the marinade in hand. Truly impressive!

When I heard another customer say, "It is quiet in here," I noticed they were not playing any music. There was no intercom junk going on either because they all have little hand-held walkie talkie thingamajigs, and it was, indeed, quiet. No wonder I love Target! (Did I mention the store is several years old, but the floors are still gleaming white?)

We strolled around the produce section and got free bread samples (delicious!), lingered over the sushi (not today) and peeked into the dollar aisle. I shopped in a large store with two boys and I actually enjoyed myself!

Target, I love thee.


Blogger Beemer said...

It's TOO quiet and TOO peaceful in there. When I shop Target, I tend to spend more than I planned on spending due to wandering around the store for so long.

So...mainly I still with the DIRTY, NOISY WAL*MART. It's so chaotic..that I can just run in and get what I need quickly and GET OUT!!!!

10:50 PM, August 09, 2005  

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