Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Today's paper provides a lot of fodder for commentary, but one page stood above the others. There are many letters to the editor about putting a casino in Bricktown. I, for one, am against it. Stella Patton, however, was offended that a club manager said he would not allow most casino patrons in his club. She says you'll find riffraff more in a nightclub than in a casino. I don't know about that, but her closing was the most interesting part of her letter: "Perhaps we should put this issue to a vote of the people. I feel sure it would pass and keep the elderly from having to drive 30 or more miles to a casino."

I have to hand it to Stella, I would not have thought of the safety of the elderly as a selling point for the casino. I mean, as it is now, they have to drive 30 or miles just to gamble their retirement away! It is a shame. A real shame. I bet some of them even have a hard time finding a ride to the casino when their eyes start going bad.

If we had the casino conveniently located in Bricktown, the grandchildren could go with granny on an outting and she could teach them how to gamble. That would be SO MUCH better, don't you think?

Oh, but wait. If you move on down to Richard Perkins' views, you'll see granny will still have some amount of trouble. Richard writes, "If downtown and Bricktown want my business, they must solve several traffic problems and provide more free parking within decent walking distance." (Richard also said his entertainment budget extends only to restaurants for which he has coupons, cheap movies and watching television, so I'm not sure Bricktown wants his business anyway). It seems to me driving 30 miles to a casino with a large parking lot up close would be easier for the elderly than a casino in Bricktown, what with the two blocks of walking and paid parking and all.

I, for one, love Bricktown and downtown. I have never had trouble parking, and if I did, I would park further and take the 25 cent trolley. In fact, I often do that just for the fun of it. I have to admit that walking and trolley-riding are not easy for the elderly who have to gamble. But, somehow I get the idea that those who are complaining the loudest have not even been downtown!


Blogger momyblogR said...

I so agree with your "Pretty" post. Why does that happen to our girls? I have a little one and always tell her that she is beautiful on the inside no matter what the outside looks like. I DO think she is beautiful myself but went I ask her about her looks she say's "I'm pretty inside Mommy!"

5:14 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:39 PM, August 03, 2005  
Blogger Kyndal said...

I was thinking the same things when I read the paper today, but could never have put down the thoughts as eloquently as you did. Great post! I kept thinking about that guy who couldn't find free parking in Bricktown and how I was just there yesterday and managed to park for free and barely had to walk a block.

9:25 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this funny or what?

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All the elderly gamblers don't even have to go to Bricktown. They can just get on the casino site from your blog!



11:20 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

What about the poor grannies that live 30 miles from Bricktown?

Jan, don't even get me started about casinos. You don't want to hear the screaming & ranting that will last for days. Actually, the ranting isn't so much about the casinos, it's about the lies that say they are soooooo beneficial.

10:44 AM, August 04, 2005  
Blogger Dan Lovejoy said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the poll that's popping up ads on your blog. Some of them aren't very savory. Of course, I never click a pop-up because I think they're automatically unsavory.

Parking in Bricktown - people are so stupid. Don't they realize how FAR they have to WALK when they go to the MALL! Grr..

11:38 AM, August 04, 2005  
Blogger Jan said...

Well, I never saw a pop up, so I didn't know I was doing it to you guys. Sorry about that!

But, the online casino is a nice answer to this post, isn't it?

wink wink

11:56 AM, August 04, 2005  
Blogger Dan Lovejoy said...

Well, Now I went off and spent my lunch hour bloviating. I hold you responsible, Jan. ;-)

1:13 PM, August 04, 2005  

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