Monday, April 09, 2007

As For Me and My House, We Are Tired of the Cold.

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter, despite the cold weather. We had a good day. We had the traditional Easter Pizza for lunch since the ham was hiding in the refrigerator while we were at church. Never fear, the true Easter lunch appeared later in the day. Sugared ham, dilled red potatoes, deviled eggs, melon, shoepeg corn, rolls and coconut cake. What do you have for Easter dinner?

Colin told us his new classmate moved here from Tulsa. Spencer asked, "So, he used to live in Tulsa and now he moved to America?"

Last week Colin's class took TWO field trips. The first was to the Lincoln Exhibit at the National Memorial followed by a trip to the Asian Market as part of their study of Asia. The second trip (yes, that first one was one trip) was to see a play called Alice. Then we had no class on Thursday and Friday, so we had our own field trip with friends, led by me and entitled "Downtown Day." We played at the Myriad Gardens, rode the trolley to the Skirvin Plaza, toured the hotel and then walked underground to Leadership Square where we had lunch. Then we spent an hour at the Metro Library and visited the Art Museum lobby to see some Chihuly art. Except for the part about us FREEZING, it was a great day.

I haven't been around much 'cause I'm all filled up with work, Cub Scouts, field trips, Spring breaks, vacation planning, Easter, kittens, adopted students, cooking, homework, dining with astronauts, soccer, basketball, cultural edification, PTF, BSF, VBS and spring cleaning.

And, about the kittens...I've still got to go develop my film. I don't do digital yet. They are CUTE though. Almost three weeks old, their ears are starting to move to the tops of their heads and they have started playing with each other. They are both roly-poly fat with kinda longish grey fur and skinny little tales. In other words, they look like rats except for their cute little faces. This time next week it will be a kitten carnival.

Considering some upcoming deadlines, I may not be around the blogosphere much for a few weeks, but the boys are working on some art "for mommy's blog," so stay tuned!



Blogger Barbie said...

Wow you have been busy!! You know I have been in OKC for 8 months and I haven't been to any of those places! I do have a zoo membership though:-)

8:02 PM, April 09, 2007  

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