Thursday, April 29, 2004

My Son, The Evangelist
Colin: "Spencer, why do you love Thomas [the Tank Engine]?"
Spencer: "I'm playing with Gordon [the Tank Engine]."
Colin: "But, why do you like Thomas things?"
Spencer: "I like cars and trains."
Colin: "Why don't you love God more? Did you know He made Thomas? And He made you. And someday we're going to live with Him in Heaven. Isn't it wonderful He made all this because He thought you would like it? And He made Keenan. He made your best friends. And He made you beautiful and holy. And Jesus died to wash away our sins so you will be clean inside. Did you know that?"
Spencer: "Yea."
Colin: "Do you like God? He loves you very much and He will never forget to love on you. Can you remember that?"
Spencer: "But He's up in Heaven, 'emember?"
Colin: "But He made this world beautiful for you. He builded everything for you. Chase and Cole and this world and this house. He made you oh, so wonderfully."


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