Wednesday, June 30, 2004

At our VBS, we have had a puppet lion named Elvis make appearances for the last 5 years. He is a strange dude, and the children love him. Last night we saw a video of Elvis participating in the Olympics with some hilarious results. The following is a conversation Colin and I had on the way home from VBS last night:

Colin: "Mommy! I saw Elvis there! He's real isn't he? He's not a puppet!"
Me: "I don't know. Sometimes he seems like a puppet, and sometimes he seems real."
Colin: "Well, he's real because I can see his legs and when he does sports there's nobody beside him, so he's not a puppet."
Me: "You may be right."
Colin: "I would like him to come to our house. Okay? So, we better call him up. Or we could send him a message on the computer."
Me: "Sure. We'll have to ask him for his number.
Colin: "But he's going home in 2 days to the country where he lives. Is that far away?"
Me: "I don't know where is country is. Do you remember the name of it?"
Colin: "Maybe the Sea of Gallery."


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