Saturday, April 23, 2005

Whew. That was a hard week. I am officially declaring myself attached to my computer!

It has been a busy and interesting week. Best thing that happened: the shuttle driver for my Honda dealership, who drove me home after I dropped off the van for routine maintenance and an engine light on Thursday, made me a super-large home-made banana pudding with whipped cream on Friday! Sometimes you just get tangible rewards for being a nice guy (or girl, as my case would be). A new friend AND a pudding. Can one ask for much more?

My Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave are here for a short visit during their trek across the country. Everyone loves Carol and Dave and the boys waited outside for their arrival for hours. As soon as they arrive, each of us starts into our show-and-tell because we all want them for ourselves. We usually end up wearing them slick! We did have a nice little tea party: English breakfast tea with milk and sugar and banana pudding on Grandma Norinne and Aunt Jean's Havilland China with the the little pink roses.

We kicked off our school's capital campaign Friday night with an initial pledge from the attendees of $3.5 million!! We are planning to build a new school by Fall 2006 at a cost of $7 million. It was shocking to get half way there in one night! What a blessing.

I love the new Westlake Ace Hardware store. They've been making such fun out of their opening! I haven't won any of the big prizes (or the little prizes), but one of the sales reps who was in attendance gave me a key chain with a small measuring tape attached and it made me quite happy. I just love things like that.

Spencer showed Aunt Carol our vacation photos from last summer. There are a few pictures of dolphins swimming out in the ocean. We took them from a long pier and they are barely visible. Spencer said, "See, that's me swimming with the dolphins." When we all laughed he insisted he was telling the truth.

The post office is giving away coloring books featuring all the stamps of the states with information about different areas of the country, word puzzles and mazes. Next time you're there, ask for one.

The new hardware store sponsored an essay contest about mothers. The child with the best essay about why his/her mother deserved a day at the spa would win a day at the spa for his/her mother. I asked Colin if he would like to write about me and he said he didn't think so since I haven't built the 14 foot dome in the back yard yet. I made him a deal: if he entered the contest and won, I would build him an enclosed motherboard control central in the back yard. He agreed. He wrote a very nice pahonics essay about me. The next day, I discovered he had drawn on the new porch fence with a ball point pen and he got in heaps of trouble. He decided then and there that the deal was off and tore the essay into little bitty pieces. sigh.

Next week we'll have a new Walgreen's opening just 7 blocks from our house. These are exciting times in Oklahoma City! Maybe there will be another contest. Maybe this one will be for all the mean mommies like me. Maybe.


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