Sunday, February 26, 2006

Six in the City
After a nice long game of dodgeball with my boys, I headed out in my mini-van to pick up some Sesame Chicken from the neighborhood chinese restaurant. When I arrived, I found a small young asian boy playing ball in the waiting area. His parents run the restaurant. I would guess he was about three years old and he had one of those bouncy balls that was about the size of a soccer ball. It took both hands to pick it up. He would bounce it then chase it. He couldn't have been cuter.

There was an older Asian man who helped him with the ball for a bit. He was probably in his 60s and he was wearing a security guard uniform. Nice man. He clearly enjoyed his few minutes with the boy. I thought he was the grandfather, but when his order was ready, he left alone.

As I waited there in my "jogging" pants (as if) and pony tail, in came a Harley man, decked out from head to toe in black leather, excepting his snakeskin cowboy boots. His wavy grey hair came well below his collar and his face was mostly hidden by his black leather hat. After placing his order, he flipped open his cell phone and called someone. His voice was soft and gentle and the person on the end of the line put a twinkle in his eye.

The door flew open and in pranced a young maiden with long black hair and dramatic eye makeup. She walked quickly to the counter, they handed her her food, and she walked out. The entire time she was talking on her cell phone.

The little boy's mother called out my order in broken English, then, in Chinese, warned her little boy to stay out of the kitchen area.



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