Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On our way home from Florida/Alabama, we wandered through Louisiana. First we drove through New Orleans and then all the way up the middle to Shreveport. About half way through, we stopped to look at some alligators in the swamps and marshes.
At first, it didn't look like much.

But then they heard we were there. I like to call this one "Alligator Soup" but I think they were thinking about some "Human Soup" themselves. Don't you?

Um, yeah.

Here are a few of our favorite marsh alligators.

Spencer can make friends with most any kind of animal.

Colin wasn't so lucky.
p.s. You can always click on a photo for a better view. I recommend it for this set especially!


Blogger memykidsteacher said...

Grant and I were a little concerned about how close you appeared to be to those gators on the dock. UM YEAH! Please say you were in your vehicle? YIKES.

Grant was also impressed that Spencer got to pet one.

8:23 AM, September 12, 2007  
Blogger Jan said...

What? You think that's too close?

Actually, we were very close, but what you can't see is the three fences between us and those alligators. I zoomed through the links in the fence to get that shot.

Also, Spencer did not pet a live alligator. Did he report that he had? Interesting. They did have baby alligators available to pet for a fee, but I was too cheap for that. (And I thought gas to get us home might be more important).

9:46 PM, September 12, 2007  

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