Tuesday, June 24, 2008

20 Things I'll Never Do

1. I will never stop loving my children.

2. I will never climb Mt. Everest.

3. I will never pass this way again.

4. Oh, I’m never gonna get it. Never never gonna get it.

5. I will never be medication-free.

6. I will never like wearing swimsuits.

7. I will never um….um….this is hard

8. I will never be perfect.

9. I will never lose the desire to learn.

10. I will never wear thong underwear.

11. I will never …okay. Let’s just stop this right now. I just think all things are possible. You know? Maybe you will find me in the Macy’s parade wearing a thong bathing suit and loving it. Of course, I probably would be highly medicated and you would be gouging out your eyes…but you just never know. It could happen. So, I guess my last answer is: I will never make it to 20 things I will never do. Perhaps you are more creative than I?