Monday, February 28, 2005

Daddy draws 'em, Spencer decorates 'em.
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I've been tagged by a member of the Oklahoma Blogger Consortium and must assign a topic for this Friday's blawging. I'm a little veklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: you're 8 and its a typical summer day. Discuss.
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

These are my boys after a shower. Their grandmother gave them matching frog towels for Christmas. After showering, they each put their towels on, then hunker down for about 5 minutes and chat while they dry.
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Friday, February 25, 2005


Hot Rod Lincoln ( Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen )
(click on title for music)
(I love this song!)

My pappy said, "Son, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin'
If you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln"

Have you heard this story of the Hot Rod Race
When Fords and Lincolns was settin' the pace?
That story is true, I'm here to say
I was drivin' that Model A

It's got a Lincoln motor and it's really souped up
That Model A Vitimix makes it look like a pup
It's got eight cylinders, uses them all
It's got overdrive, just won't stall

With a four-barrel carb and a dual exhaust
And four-eleven gears you can really get lost
It's got safety tubes, but I ain't scared
The brakes are good, tires fair

Pulled out of San Pedro late one night
The moon and the stars was shinin' bright
We was drivin' up Grapevine Hill
Passing cars like they was standing still

All of a sudden in a wink of an eye
A Cadillac sedan passed us by
I said, "Boys, that's a mark for me!"
By then the tail light was all you could see

Now the fellas was ribbin' me for bein' behind
So I thought I'd make the Lincoln unwind
Took my foot off the gas and man alive
I shoved it on down into overdrive

Wound it up to a hundred and ten
My speedometer said that I hit top end
My foot was glued like lead to the floor
That's all there is and there ain't no more

Now, the boys all thought I'd lost my sense
And telephone poles looked like a picket fence
They said, "Slow down! I see spots!"
The lines on the road just look like dots

Took a corner; sideswiped a truck
Crossed my fingers just for luck
My fenders was clickin' the guardrail posts
The guy beside me was white as a ghost

Smoke was comin' from out of the back
When I started to gain on that Cadillac.
Knew I could catch him, I thought I could pass
Don't you know by then we'd be low on gas?

We had flames comin' from out of the side
Feel the tension, Man! What a ride!
I said, "Look out, boys, I've got a license to fly!"
And that Caddy pulled over and let us by

Now all of a sudden she started to knockin'
And down in the dips she started to rockin'
I looked in my mirror; a red light was blinkin'
The cops was after my Hot Rod Lincoln!

They arrested me and they put me in jail
And called my pappy to throw my bail
And he said, "Son, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin'
If you don't stop drivin' that Hot ... Rod ... Lincoln!"


Thursday, February 24, 2005

My First Interview (by Stacy)
Okay, actually my second. The first one was in highschool and it seemed to go well, but once it hit the papers it was all wrong. A good lesson, actually. This time, I'm the publisher, so I should get the answers right, although I'm not making any promises. The questions are a little deeper than I anticipated. Apparently the interviewer was not satisfied with my self-evaluation as a spouter of fluff. Hmph. Oh well, let's get going.


1. How did you become a Christian?
I felt God's calling at a very early age. My family attended church sporadically when I was very young, but once we moved to Iowa, they didn't attend so much. When I was in second grade, I got up by myself on Sunday mornings, put on a dress and walked down the block to the small neighborhood Methodist Church. After awhile, my parents' friend started coming by to take me to the Baptist Church with her. It was very nice of her, but I kind of liked my little church best.

When I moved to Enid, I continued attending the Methodist Church. I actually don't remember if my family went with me, but I know they took me. We had a youth minister there named Fletcher Ownbey who was in his early 20s and full of life. He made youth group fun and meaningful, and grew the class from about 12 to about 80 in a year's time. His Bible lessons fascinated me, and I eventually accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1977.

And now for the part most of you don't know. Sit down, please.

I was baptized as an infant, but through my studies of the Bible I came to believe I should be baptized by immersion as an adult. However, my pride kept me from it. Every Sunday I would sit in the pew and think I should go forward. But, I knew people would be suprised and I knew I would be I just stayed glued to the pew.

Last year I heard a song written by an Oklahoma City woman called, "I Was Made to Love You." It really touched my heart and I had a vision of Christ reaching for me and me holding back. I decided I couldn't hold back any longer, and I asked James to baptize me by immersion on February 14, 2004. My submission was complete that day.

2. What type of law do you practice and what led you to choose it?
My job is very rare. Only 8 of us do it in the whole United States, and we all sit around the table together each week!! We work on a publication that reports on the judiciary and its tendencies to restrict or expand liability in America. I really can't say much more about it. That's the nature of attorney work, client confidentiality and all that. Sorry. I will tell you, however, that I absolutely love my job and am very well suited for it.

I was studying Hotel and Restaurant Administration in college and was required to take a Business Law class. I loved the class and eventually took every law class offered in college. I knew before I graduated that I wanted to be a business attorney. When I started law school, it was my goal to work as in-house counsel in the food industry. My two employers of choice were Pepsico and Sonic Industries (which is Oklahoma based). I was most interested in doing franchise agreements, and thought my restaurant background would be a good fit for understanding the company's needs.

Well, the general consensus is that you can't work in-house until you've put your time in a law firm, which was distasteful to me. I found my current boss in 1996 and he told me about this project. I was very excited about it all because it focused on the things that first interested me in law. He hired me, and I've been there ever since!

3. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
Wow. A few years ago I did a small study on the book of Revelation and learned that in Heaven we will serve and worship God. The creatures from Revelation4 are always saying:
"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." Then in Revelation 5 we see the angels and creatures singing: "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!" Soon after that lesson we sang Agnus Dei a cappela at our church, and it reminded me of the scene at the throne. For that reason, I would choose this song, sung as our church sang it that day.

Agnus Dei 
Written by Michael W. Smith
c. 1990 O'Ryan Music, INC. (ASCAP)
(Admin. by Opryland Music Group)

Alleluia, Alleluia
For our Lord God Almighty reigns
Alleluia, Alleluia
For our Lord God Almighty reigns
Holy, Holy
Are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb
You are Holy
Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb
4. What do you like about living in Oklahoma City?
There are so many things I love about Oklahoma City!! In fact, we could really live anywhere we want, but we choose to live here. (The main reason is our church, which is full of people we love. Not all the people we love attend our church, but a good many of them do.) There is a general happy disposition here that I've found lacking in other places. We have a lot of sunshine, but still have 4 seasons. People wave hello to you as you drive down country roads. Cars pull over and stop while funeral processions pass. People generally take care of each other.

Those are all really Oklahoma things, but Oklahoma City is great because it is a very large metropolitan area, but it feels like a town. There are more things to do here than we have time to do. We have a great new downtown with the Myriad Gardens, the art museum, the new library, Bricktown, a convention center, a sports arena, trolleys, a "riverwalk," and a new theater. We have an asian district and a latino district. The biggest commute would be 30 minutes or so, and that would seem outrageous. We have Lake Hefner in the middle of the get the point.

5. Would you rather live with the Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family?
Okay, the silliest question is actually the hardest. I can't imagine I'd like either one, but I suppose I'd choose the Brady Bunch because (1) they had a maid and (2) they didn't live in a bus.
"Where Have You Been?"
Charles asked.

Bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.

Looks like I need to boldly go where I've never been before.

(Sorry, I'm in a strange frame of mind today.)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Praying the Scriptures
I got this from a friend today. Compiler is unknown. Praying the Scriptures is an awesome way to take yourself into the presence of God.


Romans 12:1 Dear Heavenly Father, I gladly and willing present my body to you this day as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to you, which is my spiritual act of worship.

1 Cor 6:20 For I am not my own; I have been bought with a price, with the

1 Pet 1:19 precious blood of Christ, as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot.

Psalm 103:1-5 Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases, who redeems my life from the pit and crowns me with love and compassion, who satisfies my desires with good things, so that my youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Eph 6:12, 13 Lord, I realize that I do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, I will put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, I will be able to stand my ground, and after having done everything, to stand.

Eph 6:14-17 I stand firm, then, with the belt of truth buckled around my waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with my feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of peace. In addition to all this, I take up the shield of faith, with which I can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. And I put on the helmet of salvation, and hold the sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God).

Psalm 139:5 Lord, you have hemmed me in - behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me, and I thank you.

Matthew 16:10 I build my life, my home, and my relationships upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Matthew 6:25, 32 And I choose not to worry about my life: what I will eat, what I will wear, or where I will live. You know everything I need before I ask it and I trust in you.

2 Cor 10:5 I demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and I take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ today.

Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

1 John 1:9 As I confess my sins, you are faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and to cleanse me from ALL unrighteousness.

James 1:5 Thank you, Lord, for your promise that if any man lacks wisdom he can ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. So I ask you today for wisdom, knowledge, discernment, and understanding for the challenges of this day.

Psalm 103:3 I claim your promise to heal all my diseases.

Isaiah 53:5 By your wounds I am healed. In Jesus' name I forbid any sickness or disease to operate in my body.

Jeremiah 1:12 Father, I have prayed in harmony with your Word, and you have said that you are ready to perform it.

Proverbs 4:11 I go forth this day in your wisdom, your knowledge, your strength, and with the anointing, power, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

In Jesus' name, Amen.
I just found these questions via Office Hours, who will be interviewing me soon. Here are my answers:
1. If you could have anything you wanted to eat for a day, what would you choose for your meals and snacks? (I'm assuming no consequences for my choices).
Breakfast: Crabs Benedict from The Hotel Edgewater in Seattle, Penny's bacon twirls, fresh fruit and fresh orange juice.
Teriyaki Salmon from Table of Contents (Jennifer Taliaferro), mashed Yukon potatoes with butter and a house salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette from Big Cedar Lodge.
Snack: Blueberry bagel with cream cheese and tomato chutney
Dinner: Lobster tail with drawn butter, Ribbon Cake from Raspberries and Cream.
Before bed: James' hot tea

2. Is there ever a dish/food or dessert you wanted to try but never had the opportunity, what is it?
I'd like to eat sushi & sashimi in an expensive Japanese restaurant in Japan.

3. What's a dish/food or dessert you've tried that you wish you hadn't?
Liver and onions, baked stuffed green bell pepper.

4. Ever watch cooking shows? (i.e. "Great Chefs," "Epicurious," etc.)
I used to watch them on Saturday mornings when I was in college, and then when HGTV and the Food Network started their shows I was hooked for quite some time. My husband and I got a kick out of Iron Chef. Now we don't have cable and we don't have time....and we don't cook.

5. Are you hungry yet?
Actually, no. Just had lunch at El Chico and I'm quite satisfied. Really, I couldn't eat another thing, even if it is wafer thin.

Bobby Shindler To Governor Bush: Please Save My Sister

(copied word for word from Blogs for Terri)
(If you want to see what Terri's vegetative state looks like, go here.)

In a fast phone call on an extremely frustrating and gut-wrenching afternoon, knowing that his precious innocent sister that has never done anything to deserve the terrible fate of death by starvation and dehydration is facing such an execution at the hands of a ruthless husband, Bobby Schindler said that he and his family can only hope and pray that Governor Bush and the Florida Legislature will save his sister.

As she lies there in her small room with nothing to stimulate her by orders of her husband, smiling, loving, interacting with her family in the only ways that she can, she has no way of knowing that her tomorows could be so few. She is vulnerable, she depends on others to care for her, but instead, her husband(?) wants to kill her by order of the court, not even allowing her the opportunity to be given food and water by normal means. Just simply starved and dehydrated to death. If she were a dog, it would be illegal in Florida.

Its now up to public opinion.

Please get involved! Call and email your newspapers, Governor Bush, and the Florida Legislature, and plead with them to save Terri and give her the opportunity to be evaluated and rehabilitated in the custody of her parents.

From Leta Ray
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Leta Ray liked Elvis.
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Terri Schiavo
The Court had ordered that Terri Schiavo stop recieving nutrition at 1:00 today. An emergency stay has been issued, which postpones things until 5:00 tomorrow night. See Blogs for Terri and Terri's website for updates. And pray.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I couldn't really tell you the significance of this gem from Leta Ray's scrapbook, except that it is a GREAT photograph. Her father was on the school board, so perhaps he took it. Or maybe one of the drivers was her boyfriend...or brother. Who knows.
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Its a Good Day for Free Stuff
Come on over. I'm cleaning out and I'm in a give-it-away mood.
Ode to Buzz
Buzz was my first boyfriend. We met in 1977 at a Colorado band camp, and I was immediately intrigued by him. He was completely unique. He was likely the most intelligent person I've ever known, he possessed musical ability far beyond his years, and he seemed to have landed in the wrong century. He would change my life.

We started and ended as friends. He helped me get my first job and we worked together for years. In me he found a confidante. In him I found a challenge. He thought I was better than I thought I was, and he did his best to keep me moving ever upward, as you'll see in the letter below.

For our first date, Buzz's parents drove us out to Phillips University and dropped us off to see Madama Butterfly. We were in 9th grade! Neither of our parents understood us. We were just odd. We also went to music competitions together (challenging each other to bring home the medals in our respective categories), cooked together and listened to symphony recordings together...all in junior high.

Buzz's stepfather was one of the richest men in our town and built somewhat of a castle for them to live in. It was a beautiful home with a cabana, a pool, a tennis court, lighted steps, impeccable decoration, and a full liquor cabinet. (That cabinet was eventually Buzz's downfall.) At first Buzz hated the house. It was pretentious, he thought. I think he came to enjoy it, though. It suited him, really, whether he thought so or not.

Buzz and I parted ways for awhile during the college years, but eventually came back together (as friends) when he moved to Oklahoma City. We spent hours listening to music and cooking. Each year we chose season tickets for the ballet, symphony or a playhouse, and we always went for dessert after a performance to discuss what we had seen. Buzz bought me stacks of books for birthdays and Christmases and always gave me pointers about what to read in between.

The last letter I received from Buzz came in late November of 1994. Soon after, I learned he had died when I saw his obituary in the paper. Liver failure. He died just after he turned 30.

I still miss Buzz. I suppose I always will.

(Buzz's grandfather was Martin Garber.)
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A sample of the sort of letter Buzz would send to me. It reads: "Jan: Thanks for taking care of the season ticket thing - it allows more time for me to study for finals. yes. I meant to tell you the other day to order any novel by Swedish author and Nobel prize recipient Par Lagerkvist. His best, in my humble opinion, is The Dwarf; you would enjoy both Barabbas and The Sibyl. Barabbas is about a man present at the cruxifiction of J.C. All are fascinating - and fairly short. I hope this note finds you having a relatively pleasant and temperately cool day. Je t'embrasse- B"
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Leta Ray had an uncle who lived in Muleshoe, Texas. He sent her this post card in 1957 (at Xmas). It seems Muleshoe is the home of the Will Rogers Memorial Roundup. I also noticed the "Yo'all." We now spell it, "Y'all."
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Sunday, February 20, 2005

These Are a Few of My Favorite Games
As many of you know, our family plays games every day. That's right. Every. Day. I thought I might share some of our favorites with you below.

This is from Discovery Toys and is a great game for learning upper and lower case letters. Each child has a board with letters on it (like Bingo). The child fishes with his magnet rod and pulls a sea creature with a letter from the "ocean." If he has that letter on his board, he keeps it. Otherwise, he throws it back in. The game comes with several ideas to make the game more simple or more complex.
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Addition in the Amazon.
This is our newest game. We also have Subtraction on the Safari. This game is a lot like Go Fish, but requires addition skills. The player must determine which number is missing from the equation and ask for that number. For instance, in this case I would ask for a green three. If the player has a card with a green three at the bottom, he must give it to me. If not, he says, "Go search the Amazon," and I draw a card. If I make a pair, I recite the equation (two plus three equals five) and I win the pair. (I know I'm correct if my animals match.) At the end of the game, the player with the most pairs wins.
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This is my favorite game. The box doesn't give a clue how visually enchanting the game is. Each player has a handful of pieces, all of one color. Each piece is made out of squares, and each is configured differently. The board is a metallic grey grid, and the players take turns placing their pieces. Each piece must be placed so that it connects at a corner or another piece of the same color, but sides cannot touch. The goal is to place all your pieces on the board and block other players from getting their pieces on the board. I think we played this game 30 times on Christmas day when our friends were visiting. It is highly addictive!
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The Polar Express Game
This game looks like Candy Land, but it has strategy components! For instance, you can sent the leader back to the last station with a Glacier Gulch card, or just Avalanche everyone back 7 spaces. The Santa card will take you to the next station....but do you use it now, or save it for later? The winner (the first to arrive at the North Pole) gets to ring the bell and hand out Christmas wishes. This is our family's favorite game and we play it almost every day. It has been a good game for teaching counting, adding, patience and holding your cards close.
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Adult ADD Commentary

1. When I came home this afternoon, the street was littered with towels. They looked freshly laundered.

2. Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500 today. I guess everyone is tired of him winning. When he pulled into first place in the next-to-last lap, the commentators barely mentioned it. Then he did his little spin out celebration and I don't think anyone at the speedway was even watching.

3. Last night I made chili because it was supposed to be 30 degrees outside, but instead it is 70 degrees and a nice ham sandwich sounds better.

4. Spencer has the stomach virus. It it him at 1:00 this morning.

5. Our cat Pumpkin, who has been living a solitary life in the upstairs bedroom for several years now, seems to like kittens! He is currently rolling around the floor with Lynx.

6. I cleaned out a closet this morning. The closet looks fabulous. The hallway in front of the closet is a different matter.

7. No school tomorrow. President's Day. What do working parents do???

8. You can find lots of things when you clean out a closet. I found one shoe (baby size 4), safety scissors, 4 bouncy balls, 1 red marble, 1 asparagus costume, 1 very important looking screw that probably used to hold the whole house together, a flashlight, game pieces, dirty socks, and some paper clips....just to mention a few.

9. What was I supposed to be doing right now?

10. The Salvation Army accepts donations on Sunday afternoon, even though their store is closed. That's nice.

11. My kitchen is lined with piles of laundry to finish before I go to sleep tonight. Oh, yeah, that's what I'm supposed to be doing.

12. Don't you just love m&ms?

13. I'm eating Thai food on Tuesday and I'm already thinking about what I'll order. Maybe the Pad Thai, maybe the Panang Curry. Then again....

Leta May's friend honeymooned in Niagara Falls and sent this postcard from there. There is a page in the scrapbook with the wedding invitation, a napkin, a thank-you note and this postcard. I must say, today's postcards of Niagara Falls are much more dramatic!
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jan's Bowl of Red (revised)
(for the beginning of the season, of course)

5-8 slices of bacon

1 ½ pounds hot sausage
1 1/2 pounds hamburger meat

1 medium yellow onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

2 jalapeno peppers, minced

Chili powder

Cayenne pepper



Worchestire sauce

16 ounces tomato paste

8 ounces canned pinto beans

24 ounces water

Cook bacon, crumble. Throw out grease. Cook sausage. Reserve grease. Cook beef and onion in sausage grease. Add peppers for last few minutes. Add to pot. Add remaining ingredients except beans. Simmer 2 hours. Add beans 30 minutes before serving. This always tastes best the next day. Good with grated cheddar, saltines, Fritos, and/or cornbread.


Looks like Leta Ray went to the movies back in 1956. I sure wish I knew what movie she had seen. It really is a treat to see this coupon. Makes you think about what every-day things we throw away that would be so much fun to look at in 80 years. This is my struggle. I want to clean out and keep nothing and I get all sentimental about things like movie coupons. I think I may need professional help.
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Friday, February 18, 2005

When Will I See You Again
click on title to hear music
(Three Degrees)

When will I see you again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Or will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through?

When will I see you again?
When will our hearts beat together?
Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?
When will I see you again?
(When will I see you again?)
When will I see you again?

Are we in love or just friends?
Is this my beginning or is this the end?
When will I see you again?
(When will I see you again?)
When will I see you again?
(When will I see you again?)
When will I see you again?
(When will I see you again?)
When will I see you again?

(Note: When this song came out I was reading a Nancy Drew book, so I always think of Nancy and Ned when I hear this song!)


Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, its time to take a look at the other ephemera from Leta Ray's scrapbook. Just to update you, I found Leta Ray's book in an antique store. It is mostly full of valentines, graduation announcements, wedding invitations and thank you notes. Leta Ray graduated in 1958 from a small Oklahoma community where she appears to have been well loved. This packet of sugar came from Beverly's in Oklahoma City which is famous for its Chicken in the Rough. I'm not sure, but I think it was on 23rd and Classen in 1956 when she visited. That location was recently razed to make room for a Walgreen's. Beverly's is now at N.W. Expressway and Penn and is our favorite breakfast-time greasy spoon. If you go, be sure to try the biscuits and gravy, and you may want a side order of grits.
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Newspaper Snippettes

Our assignment today is, simply, "Newspapers." I'm not interested on writing a dissertation on any one newspaper topic today, although the Tulsa Whirled surely deserves one. Instead, I offer random commentary.

1. Where there is a newspaper, there also is a cat.

2. When I was in Hotel and Restaurant Administration school at Oklahoma State University, we decided to start a small newsletter for the HRM students. The OSU paper was named, "The O'Collegian," so I named our newspaper, "The O'Collander."

3. My husband, who conducts market research, has many newspapers as clients. His clients are from Seattle all the way to Boston, but thankfully do not include The Whirled.

4. Coupon advertising has to be the most effective advertising available. We look through them, we carefully cut them out, we save them, we notice them from time to time, but we usually end up at the supermarket without them.

5. I worked for Pappagallo for a long time (too long, actually), and for a while I was in charge of advertising placement. I probably should have used the coupon section.

6. At present, there is some section of a newspaper in nearly every room of my house.

7. The Daily Oklahoman called me in January to say they were going to bring us the paper everyday for no charge. I said, "Okay, thank you," and hung up. Sure enough, they're out there everymorning, right in the middle of the muddy section of our yard.

8. My favorite newspaper columns are (in no particular order): Kathleen Parker, Miss Manners, Melba's Swap Shop and the grammar column. I also read the obituaries every day.

9. I read almost all of the comic strips. I still miss Calvin & Hobbes.

10. Ricky Poslick was the richest kid in 5th grade because he had a paper route. He delivered both the morning and the evening papers from his bicycle. He had a system of marks on the curbs so he could see which homes had each paper. Most of his money was spent buying penny candy, which he sold "underground" at school for 5 cents each.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Little Dictator
Colin brought me this paper today and asked me to write down what he said, "in that handwriting that only adults can read." He paced around the floor behind my desk as he carefully crafted each sentence. From time to time he would ask me to read back what he had just said. As I wrote, he would look over my shoulder to be certain I had not missed anything. He did a good job sticking to his theme: each snowflake is different.
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Me, the superbeetle and a silly stuffed - er plush animal. (Thanks Britt!)
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Beetle Mania
My first car was a Volkswagen Superbeetle. It was an orange-red with a black interior and my mother managed to scrape up the money to buy it for me before I turned 16. I learned how to drive in that car. Mom's boyfriend taught me. Somehow he had the patience to lunge around town as I tried to syncronize the clutch and the changing of gears. He even had enough courage to take me to the hilly section of east Enid where we would glide halfway down the block going backward before I managed to get the car in gear.

I turned 16 early in my sophmore year and drove myself everywhere in that little red car. The radio barely picked up anything, so I usually sang everywhere I went. I loved rolling down the windows and experiencing pure freedom. I drove to Oklahoma City, Ponca City and Norman in that car all by myself (sorry mom).

I had my first accident in my beetle. I had been licensed to drive for exactly one month when I rear-ended a friend's car at a stop sign. It was a minor accident. If he hadn't been there, I would have stopped in about 3 more feet. I simply misjudged the braking distance I would need. His car didn't even have a scratch, but mine had a large dent right in the middle of the big rounded hood. After that accident, I never carried anything of value in the trunk (which is under the front hood). I always carried my French horn in the back seat. My horn was my life.

Of course, the car broke down often. I quickly learned that I could usually get it started if I ran along side the car to get it going before trying to start the car. As it rolled, I would jump in and turn the key and I was off! I'm sure it is the dream of every parent to have their little girl "jump starting" her car out on the main street of town!! (I didn't tell them about it.) (Till now.) (But I think my mom knew, because she sold the car.)

When I was in highschool I played French horn in the Phillips University/Enid Symphony. My highschool band director and assistant director were also in the symphony. One evening, the conducter sent the brass and percussion sections home early so the winds and strings could work on a special piece (French horns are considered winds rather than brass in a symphony orchestra). When I left rehearsal that night, I found that my band directors and some other brass players had pushed my beetle out of its parking place and lifted it up in front of the stage door, so that every musician had to shimmy around it to get out of the building! It was hilarious, and I was honored that they would find me worthy of such a trick!

The summer after my sophmore year I dated Mark, who drove a blue Volkswagen bug. We were quite a pair. His car broke down all the time too, but I was never fazed. We would both jump out together and push, then jump in again and laugh. He told me years later that he had been embarrassed to drive that car, but I turned it all around for him because I didn't care about his car. Are you kidding? I loved that car!

I'd love to go riding around in a bug again and re-live the memories.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tonight we had our first ever "agape feast" at least it was the first time it was ever called that. We actually have lots of feasts at our church, each one better than the last. My church truly feels like home to me, despite its large size. I've attended for 18 years and it give me great joy to look around and see some of the same people every week for such a long time. Even if I don't know a person, I am comforted by his/her continued presence. We, together, have shared great joy and great sorrow over the years. We have a history. We are family.

This evening began with a short concert of a group called New Reign. I must say I felt like an old fogey listening to their college music, but it was great just the same. After the concert, we all met for a pot-luck dinner and fellowship. I sat with people I had never met before and had a wonderful time getting to know them. (I encourage you all to step out of your circles from time to time and meet the people who are sitting by themselves!) For dessert, we all enjoyed chocolate cake from La Baguette!! Wow, it was good!

I'm grateful our church has started these feasts for us to enjoy fellowship together. Its good for the soul.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dawn for a Day
Chez Joel has started a headline writing contest in honor of the irrepressible Dawn Eden and her recent flap with The New York Post and Women's Wear Daily. To make a long story shorter, The Post fired Dawn, a copy editor and headline writer, allegedly for "blogging on the job." Well, that was the official reason they gave, although they had permitted her to do so and permitted other employees to do so. The Observer's George Gurley picked up the story and wrote a glowing report about Dawn. How could he help it? She glows.

Mystified, The Post put a little snark on its Page Six, blasting Gurley for admiring Dawn, who they seem to consider an absolute loon for opposing abortion. (Actually, a rabid loon.) And, to make it all the more incredible, they ran the article twice...both times with a really bad headline. Chez Joel has stepped in to find a more suitable headline, and the entries so far are wonderful. I'm not sure how Dawn will choose. My favorite so far makes reference to Gurley's unusual remark about Dawn's "plump rump" (I don't know what that was all about). The headline reads: Post Roasts Gurley's Plump Rump.
CNN Reports on the Whirled Wind
As predicted earlier today, Michael Bates' story is taking the blogosphere by storm. The following is from the transcript of CNN's blog report with Jacki Schechner.

Another story that sort of relates to this we thought was interesting, it was rising on -- on (UNINTELLIGIBLE). We took a look at it, and it's been rising all day.

It's And it's a Tulsa, Oklahoma, blogger.

He got a letter from "Tulsa World," a local newspaper, that basically said, stop publishing bits and pieces of what we publish. And they sent him a letter, sort of a cease and desist, and said that we'll take legal action if you don't stop. You want to reprint anything that's on our -- in our newspaper, you need to get clearance for it.

So his call basically was, help me out here. I'm going to need to speak on behalf of all the bloggers.

And there's some of the bloggers who've responded -- Wizbang blog was an interesting response that we came up with. Kevin Aylward wrote a letter back to John Blair (ph), who is the VP of "Tulsa World." And this is the quote: "It's a bad idea to tangle with the community of Web blogs," and he refers to Rather (UNINTELLIGIBLE). And basically says, "When you attempt to silence them, you attempt to silence them all."

KURTZ: It sounds like he's saying nice little site you got here, it would be a shame if anything happened to it. But, you know, if this blogger is really just picking up bits and pieces from the biggest newspaper in Oklahoma's capital, and putting his own comments on it, everybody does that these days.

I do that every day on I provide the links. Other news organizations like that because it drives traffic to their sites. You can't just steal outright the entire editorial product. That's called theft.


KURTZ: But if you're just picking out bits and pieces, especially if you're linking to the source and crediting the source, then I'm not sure that "Tulsa World" is going to win on at least the public relations battlefield.

SCHECHNER: Well, that's what they were saying, that he's linking. And really that's not infringement or anything. So we'll keep an eye on it and see if this gets any bigger.

Behold the last valentine of the year: a little mouse we made at Colin's school party yesterday. May your year be full of love.


Best Valentine's Day Ever
I didn't say, "most romantic," mind you, but it was full of love, which is what it is all about. Colin awoke excited to get to school to see his classmates for Valentine's Day. He dutifully put on his red shirt and headed out the door with a backpack full of homemade Valentines. (He made small drawings of Veggie Tales for each child and had me write on the back: "Make new friends and you'll be happy." We put them inside foam 'fortune cookies.')

When I arrived at the school for the class Valentine party, Colin ran to me and nearly knocked me over with a big hug. He was pure joy! I had brought a craft for the children (little mice made from hearts), and he was very proud to have me in charge. His mouse got three eyes and it was HILARIOUS (to him).

Late in the afternoon James came home and we went for a family Valentine picnic (Colin's idea). We sat on a big red blanket in the park and exchanged cards and gifts. Colin got three books: planets, flags and animals. Spencer got one book and two race cars. They were jumping up and down, hugging each other, hugging us and calling us the best parents ever!! After we ate, the boys played on the playground equipment and I heard Colin proclaim as he was running by, "This is the best day ever!"


After the boys were asleep, James and I watched the movie he rented: "Danny Deckchair." It was a great date movie that made us laugh out loud several times. I highly recommend it, but suggest you don't read much about it beforehand. I will tell you its an Australian comedy/romance film made in 2003. It is light-hearted, quirky and fun. A great little romp.

Sometimes you try to make a holiday great, and sometimes greatness just happens.
Unbelievably, the Tulsa World has attacked the kind-hearted lion, Michael Bates, for daring to disagree with its views IN PUBLIC. (The gall!) I suspect the Tulsa World is about to find itself in the middle of some national attention on this issue. The blogosphere is mighty mighty, and they are about to find out!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

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Artificial Life Support

Back in 1993, my mom was on "artificial life support" for more than a year. Her brain was working fine, but due to paralysis caused by the removal of a brain tumor, she was unable to walk, blink and swallow, among other things. Her doctor inserted a PEG tube to keep her hydrated and fed. After several months in therapy, she learned to walk with assistance (artificial assistance, that is), and she had one eye sewn shut to keep it from drying out. I suspect they used artificial "thread" or "glue" for that procedure, although I can't be certain. Mom was never in a vegetative state, but she was in a very serious state for a quite a long time. Artificial life support was necessary to save her.

Today, mom works full time (having turned down Social Security disability benefits) and spends at least one evening a week playing with her grandchildren. She is going on 13 years of life after her near-death experience. Thanks be to God for artificial life support.

(Now, please read this).
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Hang on to me, My Valentine. I love you!
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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'ts high time to be my Valentine. "SAY" "YES"
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Bet you didn't know I have THIS!!
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I love these guys! They have a 1/2 page section on the front of the classifieds every Friday, and they are hilarious (as well as informative). I suspect most of my readers would pass over this section of the paper, as I did for years. Once you start reading it, you'll be hooked. They always give the questioner a little ribbing, such as this answer from yesterday's column about whether it is okay to operate a car without a catalytic converter: "Steve, Don Rumsfeld is on his way to your house as we speak. But on the plus side, we hear Guantanamo Bay is quite balmy this time of year."
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Yep, Toots! You're my Valentine! I love you.
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Friday, February 11, 2005

I just read this in a comment to a post at Off the Top:

"We are meant [to] live in a community of faith ... where we are willing to be inconvenienced by one another to help one another. We are asked to lay down our idols of comfort and convenience and act like the body of Christ. We need to live real lives, not wear masks showing that we have it all together or masks of victimhood. Just be real, authentic, needy at times, and willing to help one another."

hadn't really thought of comfort and convenience being idols, but they are. This commenter really nailed the reason, too: comfort and convenience remove us from the community of faith that we are called to join. Putting yourself out there will challenge your comfort level and it will surely inconvenience you from time to time.

God's plans are perfect, though. He knows the benefits of fellowship. I can tell you first hand that I have been blessed by a wonderful family of believers that minister to me almost daily (and I hope I minister to them). I'll never forget the thoughtfulness of friends who brought travelling snacks for my family when we had to leave on short notice for my dad's funeral. And there were meals delivered for every significant occassion in our family (births, deaths, surgeries and illnesses). I have friends who will watch my children, friends who will pray for me, friends who sing over me, friends who counsel me, friends who will clean my house with me, friends who will learn Japanese songs to bless my husband's family, and friends who will drive long distances just to hold me up.

Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it? It is. It is. Of course, it is a two-way street. You've got to at least try to be the kind of friend you would like to have (although I've been a bit over-blessed, I must say). Then again, whatever you put into fellowship will come back to you bigger than you ever imagined. If you don't have a community of fellowship, make one. Start today. No need to be secretive about it, just approach people you admire and ask them to join you in friendship. Make time to spend with them, and you will be blessed.

Round Up
There is some really good blogging out there today. In the tradition of the original web logs, I've decided to create a real web log (just for today, you understand):

my three pennies worth posts about the importance of motherhood, particularly stay-at-home motherhood.

The Dawn Patrol links to video of Terri Schiavo. It is incomprehensible that she may be denied food and water according to a court order.

has found My Creepy Valentine (you can find my creepy valentine here.)

notes in the key of life
has an interview with Joni Earekson Tada about the controversy surrounding Million Dollar Baby (includes spoilers).

The doll and the pajamas my mom made when she had the mumps. (She made these without a pattern)
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Don't get my goat, be my Valentine!
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Mumpity, Mumpity, Mump
Well, the assignment for the week is to write about my experience with the mumps, measles and/or chicken pox. The problem is, I don't remember having any of them. What to do? I called mom. She doesn't remember either. But she does remember when she had the mumps. Does that count?

Mom was 9 or 10 and it was late summer in Indiana. She was excited because the strawberries were getting ripe and there were big plans in the works for her to ride her bike to Grandpa Vaughns with her twin cousins Karen and Sharon. The ride would be a few miles long and mom would be allowed to cross the highway for the first time ever!!

Mom loved strawberries and she could hardly wait for her big day out. But, wouldn't you know it, she got the mumps. She was homebound. She missed the strawberries.

I asked if Karen and Sharon brought her any. They didn't. She couldn't eat them! Her neck was swollen up so much she could only drink water and soup. Mom spent her days that week sewing clothes for her Madame Alexander doll. She said she remembers she made the blue pajamas that week, and she still has them!! If I get a chance to go over and find them, I'll post 'em for you!
Its Karaoke Friday Night!

I feel different,
Not the same.
This kind of feeling
I can't esplain (the Spencer version -ed.).

There's only one thing
I can do,
I feel Elephantish,
How about you?

I feel Elephantish.
I feel Elephantish.

I'm a big nose talker
And I'm talking all the time.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Million Dollar Baby
Mom and I went to the movie last night (or, should I say, "the movies"?). Yesterday afternoon I recieved free tickets to see Hitch and thought it would be a nice diversion. We arrived 15 minutes early, but they were all ready "sold out." What's up with that? Seemed as if they were turning away tons of people. Overbooking, the stuff of life.

We decided to stay and see Million Dollar Baby, thereby falling right into the theater's little bait-and-switch trap. I hadn't heard anything about the movie except that it was "good." Never even saw a billboard!! I was suprised to discover in the opening scene that we had entered a boxing movie!!

We both enjoyed the movie. I thought it was "good." The story includes boxing, but the real story is about lonely people and the attachments they form. It was lovely (in a gross, broken and bleeding nose sort of way).

Of course, when I did a bit of research to write this post, I discovered that it is a very controversial movie. (I guess I need to get out more). If you want to know why, you have to learn something about the ending to find out. I don't intend to ruin it for you here. However, I would like to say that I did not agree with the character's choice in the movie, but I don't view that as a reason to boycott a movie. It may be important to educate people about right and wrong and the consequences of choices we make, but if we decide to boycott movies and books that include wrong choices, we will have to boycott the Bible, too. Certainly we can learn from wrong as well as from right.

I understand that many believe the movie glamorizes the character's choice. That is why they are angry. Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts (without giving away the ending).
On Being Timely
This is a message we all should here. A small quote: "There is a huge difference between, "Debra, you're so thoughtful," and "Debra, God spoke through you."
To The Knees
This morning will be spent mainly on my knees in prayer. These past few days have been full of devastating news. One e-mail came from a friend who has been fighting a very aggressive form of breast cancer:

"Monday evening I learned from a PET scan report that cancer has returned to my liver and several lymph nodes in my neck and chest area. It would appear that after 15 of 18 planned rounds of chemotherapy and 9 months of clean reports, my tumors have become resistant. I will discontinue treatments in Tulsa and am meeting with my oncologist today to investigate other treatment options. I ask for your continued prayers for divine healing and wisdom as we choose a treatment path, and also for my family as we begin a new battle. I appreciate you all for your constant support and encouragement. Thank you."

And regarding the family who's 2-year-old daughter (a twin) who has been fighting for her life because of ADEM (which came on suddenly), this report:

"We ask you for more prayers for the family and for God to have mercy.

Steve's mother suffered a heart attack over night, and is not expected to survive.

Just yesterday, she and Steve's Dad were at Steve and Lisa's house and Jane, who has been in poor health, was coloring with the girls, and they left to drive home last evening.

Steve left around 6 am today drive to be with his family. (He had been out of town yesterday and didn't see his parents before they left).

Meanwhile - Lisa's parents are both ill and so is Steve and Lisa's oldest daughter, who has the flu. She is at Lisa's parent's house. Lisa is worried Kirbey is getting sick and will take her to the doctor today.

Kinzey is home, but they are scheduled to return to Dallas on Monday to begin a treatment therapy.

Please Lord, have mercy on this family."

I also got word today that the family that lost their homes to fires in December had a 14-year-old neice that was killed in a car accident yesterday.

Will you please join me in prayer today for these beautiful people who are suffering so much right now?

Meb-be I'm slow, but will you be my sweetie in 1973?
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Tiny Veggies (from Larry Boy)
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

* My friend Anne just came over. I told her I was overwhelmed with my house. She swept my floor then got down on her hands and knees and cleaned it. THAT is friendship!!

* I stopped by a store today and the 50-something clerk was wearing a large (large) button on her shirt with a photograph of Michael Bolton.

* I'm really looking forward to watching Lost tonight.

* Kim's cancer has become resistent to treatment, which makes me numbingly sad.

* I'm ready for Meg to move back to Oklahoma.

* My new shoes have changed my life, but I really want to wear CUTE shoes instead.

* Through Bible study this week, I have come to appreciate that I am a part of Christ's body, and that my actions affect Him directly. I already knew it, but my understanding was shallow.

* I tend to feel compelled to order something from my son's Scholastic book club. I like to fill out the form. I like looking through the catelog. And we don't need any more books, really.

Valentine! "Stamp" this on your heart! I LOVE YOU!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Colin's latest love is the PBS show Cyberchase, which teaches problem solving. It is basically remedial algebra, so I love it, too! Here is one of his drawings he gave me as a Valentine. (
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How'ja like to love me? When'ja like to start?
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Monday, February 07, 2005

A Kitty Story
We now have a new kitten in our home. His name is Lynx and he is a 4-6-month old orange tabby. After this morning's ordeal, James and I called around looking for kittens and found two older kittens at PetsMart. I took Colin and he chose the male cat (so he could name him Lynx). He and Ella are currently setting their boundaries with each other. Hopefully we'll live happily ever after.


Unappealing Cookies

Actually, I'm a bit speechless about this:

Durango - Two teenage girls decided one summer's evening to skip a dance where there might be cursing and drinking to stay home and bake cookies for their neighbors.

Big mistake.

They were sued, successfully, for an unauthorized cookie drop on one porch.

The July 31 deliveries consisted of half a dozen chocolate-chip and sugar cookies accompanied by big hearts cut out of red or pink construction paper with the message: "Have a great night."

The notes were signed, "Love, The T and L Club," code for Taylor Ostergaard, then 17, and Lindsey Jo Zellitti, 18.

Inside one of the nine scattered rural homes south of Durango that got cookies that night, a 49-year-old woman became so terrified by the knocks on her door around 10:30 p.m. that she called the sheriff's department. Deputies determined that no crime had been committed.

But Wanita Renea Young ended up in the hospital emergency room the next day after suffering a severe anxiety attack she thought might be a heart attack.

A Durango judge Thursday awarded Young almost $900 to recoup her medical bills. She received nothing for pain and suffering.

"The victory wasn't sweet," Young said Thursday afternoon. "I'm not gloating about it. I just hope the girls learned a lesson."

Taylor's mother, Jill Ostergaard, said her daughter "cried and cried" after Judge Doug Walker handed down his decision in La Plata County Small Claims Court.

"She felt she was being punished for doing something nice," Jill Ostergaard said.

The judge said that he didn't think the girls acted maliciously but that it was pretty late at night for them to be out. He didn't award any punitive damages.

Taylor and Lindsey declined to comment Thursday, saying only that they didn't want to say anything hurtful.

Young said the girls showed "very poor judgment."

But Taylor had asked her father's permission to bake cookies for the neighbors after livestock-tending chores were done.

"I said, 'Go ahead, as long as I get some cookies,"' Richard Ostergaard said Thursday.

Just as dusk arrived a little after 9 p.m., Taylor and Lindsey began their mad spree. They didn't stop at houses that were dark. But where lights shone, the girls figured people were awake and in need of cookies. A kitchen light was on at Young's home.

Court records contain half a dozen letters from neighbors who said that they enjoyed the unexpected treats.

The cookies were good. It was a nice surprise. They weren't scared.

But Young, home with her own 18-year-old daughter and her elderly mother, said she saw shadowy figures who banged and banged at her door. When she called out, "Who's there?" no one answered. The figures ran off.

She thought perhaps they were burglars or some neighbors she had tangled with in the past, she said.

"We just wanted to surprise them," Taylor said.

Young left her home that night to stay at her sister's, but her symptoms, including shaking and an upset stomach, wouldn't subside. The next morning she went to Mercy Medical Center.

"We feel that knocking on a door and leaving cookies is a gesture of kindness and would not create an anxiety attack in the general public," Taylor's parents wrote to the court.

The girls wrote letters of apology to Young. Taylor's letter, written a few days after the episode, said in part: "I didn't realize this would cause trouble for you. ... I just wanted you to know that someone cared about you and your family."

The families had offered to pay Young's medical bills if she would agree to indemnify the families against future claims.

Young wouldn't sign the agreement. She said the families' apologies rang false and weren't delivered in person. The matter went to court.

Young said she believes that the girls should not have been running from door to door late at night.

"Something bad could have happened to them," she said.

via Dwayne, who is starting a donation campaign to pay this fine for the girls. Now THAT'S the kind of lesson I would like them to learn!!

Oh, and a note to the defendants: APPEAL! APPEAL!
Kitty News
Well, Spencer and I arrived an hour early to the animal shelter today. Our kitten was to be ready for adoption at 10:00, and our getting him was subject to how many people wanted him and a possible auction. We played with him for an hour and at auction time, there were three families and three kittens. Although one family wanted two kittens, the director announced that we could each have one. I was unsure about the male kitten, the one Colin wanted, because he seemed a bit sick, but I decided we could take him to the doctor. Anyway, the shelter gave us a coupon for free insurance for 30 days, so I figured whatever the cost to cure him, we could handle it with that insurance.

I decided to take the kitten to our veterinarian on the way home, just to be sure he didn't have anything that would harm our cats. It was a good move, but a very sad one. The doctor diagnosed him with distemper and said we could not bring him to our home. Although I was willing to go through treatment, the doctor said the mortality rate is very high and he would recommend I return the kitten to the shelter.

In those few hours, Spencer and I had already grown attached to that little kitten. He was terribly cute. I did not want to take him back. I did not. But, I had to weigh the emotional costs of near-certain death if we tried, and I just couldn't put the boys through that. The longer I waited, the more attached we would become. I agreed to return him.

Spencer and I bawled all the way back up to Edmond and all the way back home. James retrieved Colin at school and explained to him that the kitten was ill and needed to stay at the "pet store" for treatment. Colin is sad, but he didn't have that attachment time, so he is doing okay with it. He said it gives him more time to make toys for the kitten we will get.

If you know of any kittens we could adopt, please let us know.


I'm Humpty Dumpty on a wall
Heart and all about to fall
Now, if you don't accept this pop
My life will be an awful flop
(notice the space to insert a lollipop)
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List Maker, List Maker, Find Me a Cat
This morning I found this little list Colin had drawn on a napkin last night. He is getting a new kitten this morning, and spent the evening preparing. I didn't know about the list! The first item is to prepare a bed. Next: add a mouse. Third: put toys around the bed. Fourth: get the kitten. Fifth: everyone is happy (that's confetti you see). On the back side is a drawing of Colin holding the kitten.
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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Satan's Minions
I stumbled across an interesting site last night and haven't stopped thinking about it. The purpose of the site's ministry share the Gospel and shatter Satan's lies. It is the shattering of Satan's lies that has me interested.

The website has detailed accounts of the ways Satan has used certain celebrities to deceive the masses. It includes detailed arguments that rock and roll IS controlled by Satan, and it also shows how Satan may be using the powerful to twist God's Word, leading people down a rosy path to eternal destruction.

The first article I read was about Ozzy Osbourne, who admits he has sold his soul to the devil, that he is living in anguish and that he discerns Satan working through him. One section deals with the musical power of his song "Suicide Solution" and the effect it has on listeners. It is very scary. During worship this morning I had a better understanding of what my salvation means to me, and I thanked God that I was His and had Him working through me, and not Satan.

Another article I read was about Oprah Winfrey. Her tale is not so scary until one considers that she draws a completely different audience than Ozzy Osbourne. Oprah talks about God, she does good works and she is highly likeable. These characteristics combined with her power make her more likely to be followed than Ozzy. It is important for Christians to discern her theological messages in relation to Bible truths.

I admit it all sounds...well, "out there." But, I do believe the Bible, and the Bible warns us about these things. Its worth taking a look at this site for yourself. Let me know what you think.
via Walking Circumspectly

Dr. Madrid (center) and family

Mission Accomplished
My church supports several international missions, but the most impressive is Predisan in Honduras. Predisan was founded [by Dr. Robert Clark and his wife Doris, who is Director (thank you annonymous commenter)] and is run by Dr. Amanda Madrid, the most impressive person I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She is an M.D. and a Phd. She is poised, humourous, compassionate and determined. From a small dream, she has built the largest hospital in Honduras. Patients come from the mountains, the poorest of the poor, and recieve medical care, nutrition, help with addictions and, most importantly, spiritual care. Predisan helped 30,000 people in the last year!!!

Dr. Madrid takes people into her own home when they need extra care. She adopted 3 children of a terminal patient and has become a role model to her children. Indeed, she is a role model to us inspiration to forge ahead and get the work done. She has had many opportunity to make excuses, but she never stops. I am in awe of her.
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