Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Musical Cat

by Spencer

Once there was a boy who had a cat named Lileyen. She was going to have a kitten soon. After 10 weeks she had her kitten, but it was not one kitten, it was 3 kittens! She taught them to catch rats and mice. She taught them to climb trees and how to hiss at enemies like bears, raccoons and deer.

Soon months and years went by. Soon the kittens, named Jan, Tabey and Elea, were not kittens, they were cats like their mom.

One day the boy named Spencer came from school. He got his homework done and played the piano. He liked music a lot. The mother liked art. Tabey liked soccer. Elea liked eating. But Jan liked music like the boy. The next day the boy got his homework done and played music. Jan went with him and played Lean on Me and Away in a Manger. The boy played Star Wars and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The boy got up and talked to his mom alone.

The next day after school the boy came home and got Jan. He took her to a room with a piano in the middle of it. When someone said his name he picked up Jan and told her to play Lean on Me and Away in a Manger. She did. When she was finished a lot of people started to clap. Soon she knew where she was. She was at a recital!

Soon they gave a prize to the boy for playing Star Wars and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. They gave Jan a prize for playing the best piano piece in the city!!!!!!!!



The Best Friends

By Spencer

Once there was a cat, squirrel and a bat. They were very cold because it was winter. They decided to go to the mountains. So they started their long walk to the Rocky Mountains.

It was hard to get there when there was a blizzard, but two days later they got there and found a nice cave and made a fire to keep warm. Four days later people started coming. They saw the cave with the fire they started up the mountain. Soon they got to the top of the mountain.

The animals hid behind crystals and the fire. The bat hung upside down like he liked to do. Soon all the Indians got up. Five of them saw the squirrel! But they did not go get him. They made friends! The cat came out to make friends and so did the bat. They lived happily together.

The End.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love You Huney

by Spencer

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Monday, September 22, 2008


by Spencer

ONCE THERE WAS A CAT, BIRD, and SQUIRREL They where very hungry. So they said they should go to the city. So they did. They started their long walk to the city. After 10 days they got to the city. As they got down the street, they saw a grocery store. They decided to go in.

They got in when the last person got out. The cat decided to find his favorite treats like cat food and milk. The squirrel wanted to find his favorite treats like nuts and berries. The bird found berries and fruit. Soon they decided to eat everything but stuff like packages and boxes.

The next day a customer said there was a squirrel, cat and a bird in the grocery store. When everybody heard that, they started to look for them. One person who owned the grocery store saw them. He started to call the police.

The police came and the squirrel hid on top of the aisle with nuts. The bird hid under a fruit. The cat hid in a bag that he had eaten before. The police could not find the animals, so they left.

When the grocery store closed, the manager locked the door. The bird found a hole in the roof. He flew out of it and he jammed the lock so nobody could get in, but the animals could get out through the hole.

The next day, people started to come in to the grocery store, but the first one there was the manager. He was going to clean up the stuff that he saw through the window. When he tried to open the door, he could not get in because the bird had jammed it tight!

Two more days later, the animals had eaten all of the food that was in the grocery store, even the eggs and cheese! Soon they found another grocery store and they did the same and they lived happily every after.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So, we're driving to school and my thoughts are on the traffic and the day's schedule and the woman at the bus stop and wondering what I forgot to bring along with me today. Spencer says, "Mommy, what did those guys do?"

Me: "What guys?"

Spencer: "Those guys that did that."

Me: "Did what?"

Spencer: "That's what I'm asking YOU!"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today is one of those perfectly fine days. The sky is clear blue, the air crisp, the wind breezy and light. I can hear a lawn mower in the distance, which is a fine background for the melody of my boys chattering away with each other. Occasionally Colin breaks out into a whistling sonata, or Spencer takes a solo of America the Beautiful. As for me, I have just finished a splendid book and have ordered another from the library. Colin and I practiced setting up the tent for next week's camping trip. I think I'll go lie about with a big orange cat and the Sunday newspaper.