Monday, May 03, 2004

Glee Club
I have this wonderful little song book called Golden Glees: A Prize Song Book for Schools by S. C. Hanson, copyright 1895. The songs reflect the era, and sometimes make me giggle. Here's one from page 114:

A Queer Boy
He doesn't like study, it weakens his eyes,
But the "right sort" of book will insure a surprise;
Let it be about Pirates, Indians, or bears,
And he's lost for the day to all mundane affairs.
By sunlight or gaslight his vision is clear;
Now, isn't that queer?

At thought of errand he's "tired as a hound,"
Very weary of life, and of "tramping around;"
But if there's a band or a circus in sight,
He will follow it gladly from morning till night.
The showman will capture him some day I fear,
For he is so queer?

If there's work in the garden his head "aches to split,"
And his back is so lame that he "can't dig a bit;"
But mention baseball and he's cured very soon,
And he'll dig for a wood-chuck the whole afternoon.
Do you think he plays possum?
He seems quite sincere;
But is not he queer?


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