Sunday, May 02, 2004

Miss Me Much?
Sorry about the delay in blogging these past few days! Did you have time to try the oatmeal bread? My friend Laura's mother makes it every week and it is delicious!!!!

I spent all day Friday with my friend from Japan. She learns about crazy American housewives by hanging out with me. We did lots of exciting things like carpool, swim lessons, going to the bank and the post and the pharmacy and the photo shop. We were really living it up!

Friday night I worked on our scrapbook at Colin's school. I had to leave early because Gary England kept scaring my husband with stories of baseball sized hail. Okay, he scared me, too. But, I still met some nice women and got 5 pages completed, so it was a good evening.

Saturday was national scrapbooking day, which means one thing: SALES!! Kayo and I made a day of finding scrapbooking bargains. We were all over town collecting wonderful little trinkets and papers and the like. Great fun!

Then, last night, I was in for a real treat. One of James' good friends recently married and moved into a new home in the country. They had us over for dinner. We had a spectacular dinner of steaks, potatoes, garden-fresh (mmmmmm) corn on the cob, hot rolls and a great salad! Man oh man, it was good!!! Of course, what made the evening special was making new friends. A few old acquaintances were there, too, so I got to catch up with them. Amber (the hostess) shared her salad dressing recipe, which I'll post soon.

So, there are my reasons for my absence from the blogosphere. Just been more busy than usual!

By the way, I'm observing the Sabbath again, today. I'm discovering that its kind of hard for me to "rest" all day, but I DO like it!


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