Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday Update
Dad was taken back to the nursing home (skilled care wing) this afternoon. He is very tired from the move. I met the hospice admissions nurse there and we got him checked in. He will recieve care from the nursing home AND from hospice. While he is on the skilled wing, both will be covered by Medicare, which is nice. (Hospice will always be covered by medicare.) Some of the good things about hospice include: (1) he will have ONE hospice nurse (probably a man), who will check on him at least 2 times a week, more if needed, (2) they will provide any equipment he needs (wheelchairs, beds, etc.), (3) he will have a volunteer assigned to him who will visit twice a week to help me by reading to him, taking him outside, running errands for him or whatever is needed, (4) they have access to his chart and can keep me better informed of his health, and (5) most of his medicine will be covered by Medicare. All of this provides a significant relief financially, physically and emotionally. I am very thankful for it.


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