Monday, October 04, 2004

PoP Update
The latest is that there is very little change with dad. His eyes point forward, he doesn't move them. His left eye is barely open. His speech is very difficult to understand. He's confused.

"Where are you staying?"
"At my house."
"In Kentland?"
"No, in Oklahoma City."
long silence
"I guess I passed out back at Bellevue or something."
"Yes, you did. You're at Bellevue now. But your heart was working slow and you passed out and then you had surgery. Do you remember about that?
"So you still have anesthesia and you need to rest and stay in bed."
"Why do I feel like I'm in prison?"

I also asked him if he was confused and he said he is. I just got the feeling he's swimming around inside his head looking for himself. He seems there but unable to get out, like a person might feel waking in strange surroundings in the middle of the night with total darkeness. Its the person, but he's too groggy to think straight and nothing is familiar. He knows me, though, and that gives me hope that he doesn't have brain damage but is just struggling with the anesthesia.


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