Friday, October 08, 2004

We met Woody and Evelyn at the nursing home today. We tried many times to wake dad up, but couldn't get him up. His nurse said he had missed breakfast and lunch because they couldn't wake him. Finally, with both Woody and I in the room, he opened his eyes. We washed his face and Woody put a cool towel on his head. (He has had a fever for about 60 hours). He drank about 40 ounces of ice water and I ordered his lunch. He ate about half of that but fell back asleep while eating. He did recognize Woody and squeezed his hand tight.

Dr. Devore met with Woody and Evelyn before I arrived and said he didn't have much hope, "but miracles happen." However, he doesn't give any reasons for his opinion. He doesn't give me any information that I can't gather from 30 minutes in the room with dad and no medical training. I do know I've seen my mother much worse and she came back. So, we're still on wait and see status.

Can anyone give me advice about having another doctor look at him? Dr. Devore is the nursing home doctor, and I'm quite certain he would take offense and me getting another doc in there, but that's not my problem. How would I go about it? Are there travelling doctors? Would they go into another doctor's territory? Can you recommend anyone? Would Medicare pay him? Also, physical therapy hasn't done anything with him since Monday because he is non-responsive. (I just learned this). Shouldn't they be manipulating his arms and legs for him if he can't do it himself? Or put pressure hose on him or something???? Please advise.


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