Monday, October 04, 2004

Friday Night Bites
I got an email from my friend Penny about food memories. She likes to throw things out in emails for discussion. I love that about her. Here's an excerpt:

"We took the kids to TGI Friday's a couple of weeks ago (great kid place, by the way), and on the way out, I saw a guy with an order of potato skins on his table - the appetizer kind with bacon on them and a big bowl of sour cream right in the middle of the plate. I could just taste them! Then I tried to remember the last time I'd had any of them, but I can't even think back that far. I just know that I ate LOTS of them in high school and college. Mostly at Friday's, but probably at Pump's or Dakota's or Bennigan's, too. And pounds of fried cheese, I'm sure."

I have a food memory involving Godfather's Pizza. In Enid the band members and friends always went to Godfather's on Friday nights after the football games. We completely filled the place at about 10:00, and we all ate pizza. Most of us bought personal pizzas. It was the only social event I was always invited to, and I suspect that was the case for most of us there. There was always drama, love, love lost, lust, laughter and, of course pizza and coke. I can still taste the pizza, hear the sound and even feel the crush on the senior tuba player.

Of course, none of us wanted to wear our band uniforms to go out, so there was always a race home to change and then a race over to Godfather's so we could have as much fun as possible before curfew. Often one person would drive several people from home to home and then over to Godfather's. We would each jump out of the car, run in while the others waited, and emerge minutes later dressed for fun.

One Friday, I was in such a hurry I mistakenly wore mismatched shoes. Somebody at Godfather's noticed before I did and made sure to announce it to everyone. The following Monday before band I was called forward by a Senior member for the traditional, "You've messed up now and you have to pay the price" ritual. You see, every year the Senior band members got a cow bell and painted it in school colors with the year they would graduate and the mascot or school letters. When someone was caught doing something stupid, we had a cow bell ritual. The senior would explain to the entire band what had happened, and then the transgressor had to wear the cow bell to school for the rest of the day. That way everyone else in school would say, "What did you do to deserve that?"

Good times.


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