Sunday, October 08, 2006

It has been a long, productive and lovely weekend here in OKC. Friday night I had the pleasure of working on my scrapbook with my good friend Penny and a few other lovely acquaintances. I'll post a few pages soon, just for fun.

I got home late Friday night (well, Saturday morning) and awoke a few, very few hours later for Colin's soccer game. I almost had to carry him to the car in his pajamas because he had, apparently, stayed up a bit too late himself the night before. We got there, though, and he did very well. I have been pleasantly surprised by his soccer skills. He has a lot of energy, so he never gets tired. He also seems to have a good grasp of strategy and does well anticipating the next place he needs to be.

After a relaxing afternoon of packing and grilling cheeseburgers, the boys headed out to Cub Scout camp. I stayed home and read the much-anticipated book, The Brethren (3rd in a series and just released October 1!).

Today I caught up on a few chores like cleaning the fish tank (ewww), laundering the bedding, and other such exciting things. Before I knew it, the boys were flying in the door talking a mile a minute about all the exciting things they did at camp. Oh My! They earned beads! They shot bows and arrows! They made candles! They climbed walls! They ate Fruit Loops! They shot BB guns! They stayed up late! They slept in our tent! They made rope! They went into a valley that was like the GRAND CANYON and they called it THE VALLEY OF TOILET PAPER!

Spencer went out and found a walking stick in our backyard and had me trim it up and string his beads to the top. He never looked prouder!

As Colin snuggled down into bed for the night, he told me, “Mommy, next time they have camp at Camp Kickapoo, I’M GOING!”


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