Monday, May 03, 2004

Let's Pretend
Colin just came in the kitchen to do some "grocery shopping" for Master Spencer. It seems Spencer put a belt (a leash) around Colin's waist, which made Colin into a servant. Spencer wanted groceries, so Colin obliged. (The list included a tomato, celery, bread, juice and goldfish).

I decided to see what this master-servant relationship was all about, so I spied and found Spencer ordering Colin: "Hey! I need some brand new leaves from that tree so I I need some water." Colin ran in the house and said, "Spencer needs water!" He then ran outside with water, which he gave to Spencer, and then he ran to the tree for leaves. Spencer is sitting in a chair on the porch saying, "And, now....."

I'm surprised this is working so well for Spencer. I'm going to have to try that belt trick soon!


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