Friday, September 30, 2005

This and That
Spencer is outside moving my pile of dirt from one side of the yard to the other using his plastic shovel and wagon. It was his idea to help me out my doing it, and I couldn't be more proud. He has been working for about 45 minutes without stopping and he's singing all the while. He is such a gentle child, he even has a squirrel playing just a few feet away without a care in the world. Spencer loves to work and finds something to do to help me every day. What a joy.

Last week I got an email from PayPal telling me there had been unauthorized use of my account. It directed me to the https (secure) website to change my password. I checked out the website address, looking for the security sign and comparing the website address to the actual PayPal website, and everything seemed in order, but I'm still suspicious enough I didn't comply. I went to my PayPal account to see what transactions were listed, and they were all mine, so I contacted PayPal directly and asked them if there was a problem. There wasn't. I had been spoofed. Never have a been so grateful for my suspicious nature! I learned a lot about spoofing this week and must warn you to be wary yourself. Don't give any information when you've been directed to a website, and always contact the supposed sender of the email if you're not sure.

My bathroom ceiling is now half gone. It is fascinating to look into the inner workings of the house. The plumbing is OLD!!!! Some of the pipes are lead, so they'll be the first to go. Luckily we have never used the bathroom in question for drinking water or even teeth brushing.

I had to drive around to several suppliers of old plumbing parts this morning looking for an O-ring. I saw where all the old, brown 70s sinks go when they die. They are laid out next to the big heavy brass faucets. Tomorrow I'm heading over to Renovation Station to look for a 17" sink. Woo Hoo!

Some people think I'm organized, but they haven't seen my desk. Here's a little sampling of what's on here: one walkie talkie, Stuart Little book, Thomas & Friends bank, ink pad, leaf stamp, recipe cards, telephone, Colin's first cap, a strip of film negatives, two really old books, a pewter snowflake, Colin's schoolwork, pages torn from magazines, magazines, bills, paper, a canister of film, a cup lid, cases I need to read, photographs, a stack of papers to file, a nametag from a 2003 ladies retreat, a frame I got as a gift this week, a fluffy orange cat..... See what I mean? Terrible.

Braums is giving away Boy Scout toys with it kid's meals. We got a compass!

Okay, I really shouldn't even be blogging right now. I should be cleaning this desk or doing something productive. Have a great Friday evening!


Blogger M.Stonecipher said...

The PayPal scam is going around.
I even got an email like yours and I dont have a PayPal account.
Legit places wont contact you with an email requesting your information.

3:15 PM, September 30, 2005  
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