Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another lovely day, but no rain yet. When it finally rains, I suspect you'll find Oklahomans out dancing in the streets! We saw a bit of lightning tonight and it stirred up some excitement.

We took our boy scouts to a recycling plant today. The parents thought the process was very cool. The scouts thought the bits of plastic they found on the ground were cool. Everyone went home happy - some with pockets full of itty bitty trash.

I saw a store this week called, "Pam's Hands and Foot Spa." Why not "Hands and Feet" or "Hand and Foot"? I don't know. . . I just don't know.

It may be Engrish, which brings me to another thing I like about Oklahoma City: we have a large, thriving Vietnamese community. I suspect non-okies might think we have nothing but cowboys and indians around these parts, but we actually have a large asian influence near central Oklahoma City. We have several large grocery stores, dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, churches and restaurants....even a Vietnamese walking mall. If you would like to try authentic Vietnamese food, try Lido. . . or grab a sandwich from Saigon Baguette in the milk-bottle building.

Which, of course, leads us to Greg Burns, one of Oklahoma's most celebrated artists. Mr. Burn's creates incredibly detailed depictions of Oklahoma's most-loved buildings. His detail is all the more incredibly when you consider his physical handicaps. He is a true Oklahoma hero.


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